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Finding Forever Love

Love.  What is it really?  We think we understand it but we don't.  We show up in relationship and experience everything but love.  Find out what love is, how to transform your relationships current and future with this understanding, and what it means to live life anchored in love.  This is the foundation for forever love.  

Life After Toxic Love

Toxic love hurts deeply.  It often creates a cycle that continues until we understand the story behind it.    This talk is rehab for your heart.  It's time for the healing to begin and it's crucial for finding healthy, forever love.  

The Human Experience

Our thoughts create our experience.  We each have our own unique filter in which we see the world.  No two people will ever experience life in the same way.  Once you understand 3 basic principles of the human experience, life, and love, will never be the same.

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