The Love Month

Feb 01, 2021

February.  The one month a year that we all collectively turn our attention to love, whether we want to or not. 

For some, cupid has been kind and we savor every delicious moment, the flowers, candy, gifts and valentines.  For others, it is a time of sadness, memories of a lost love, loneliness, heartbreak or just a reminder that we are not a part of a couple. 

If you fall into the latter category, I write this for you.  Because really, the only ones enjoying this holiday month are the ones celebrating love.  So, what if we could ALL celebrate love… All the Time?

I know, it sounds too good to be true.  Easier said than done, right?  Wrong.  It begins with an honest look, and a deep understanding of what love really is.  So, take heart friend (pun intended) things are about to get a whole lot better.  I’m about to teach you about love, real love, not the manufactured, one month a year let’s shine a light on it kind of love.  The infinite kind of love.  The energy behind life kind of love.  The what you’re made of kind of love.

In his books, Power vs Force and Letting Go, Dr. David Hawkins writes about the calibration of energy.  An actual measurement of the vibrational frequency of certain emotional states in the human body.  Any frequency of 200 or higher is positive, anything under 200 is negative and it makes sense that we can feel this within our bodies and in the expression of these emotions.  Others can feel it too.  Love has a vibration of 500, this is how Dr. Hawkins describes the energy of love and what it looks like when we are aligned with the energy of love. Love is, “A way of being that is forgiving, nurturing, and supportive.  It does not proceed from the mind; rather, it emanates from the heart.  Love focuses on the essence of a situation, not the details.  It deals with wholes, not particulars.  As perception is replaced with vision, it takes no position and sees the intrinsic value and lovability of all that exists.”

When you think of love, do you understand that what we are talking about here, true love, is so much more than romantic relationships, flowers, and valentines?  Real, true love is a state of being.  It’s who you are, what you are made of.  It is infinite and yes, sometimes manifests in the expression of romantic love, but it is not limited there.  Have you ever held a newborn, rescued a puppy, watch a sunset in awe?  When we do, we experience a sense of deep peace, contentment, and certainty that all is right with the world.  This is our true nature.  We show up like this.  As Michael Neill says, “babies don’t need therapy.”  As we grow, something shifts and we begin to associate love with something that happens to us, externally, not something from within, not something that we are.  When this shift occurs, we begin a lifelong quest, searching for something outside, that has always been and always will be inside.  Love, is an inside job.  Every experience of love you have ever had originated inside of you.  Once we see this we begin to remember, to understand, that we can be in that state of grace, of love, regardless of our external circumstances and with or without romantic love. 

This begins by understanding the human experience.  There are three fundamental principles at work, the principles of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.  I won’t go into a deep dive here, but the core message is that we are experiencing the feelings of our thoughts.  We are literally experiencing our thinking.  When we think a low mood (frequency) thought, we experience a low mood feeling.  When we think a high mood (frequency) thought, we experience a high mood feeling.  This explains how the exact same circumstances, happening to two different people, often produce profoundly different experiences. The external situation is neutral, it is the way we think about the situation that gives it meaning labeling it good or bad. 

Being single is neutral.  What we think about being single determines our experience of it.  Some view it as freedom, they are happy to be living life independent of romantic love.  For others, each day is a struggle.  For both, it is their thought about being single that is creating their experience of it, nothing else.  Let that sink in.  Nothing Else.  Only thought. 

How then, can we embrace our current state of relationship, single or coupled with joy and enthusiasm enjoying the journey, no matter what path we are currently on? 

Here are some steps you can take –

  • Observe your thought. Simply relax and notice whatever you are feeling and trace it to the thought that is creating the feeling.  When you are ready, let that thought go.


  • Understand that the nature of Mind is to create new thoughts, if you relax and let your mind settle down, you will return to your infinite wisdom, your innate wellbeing and another thought will come along. One with the power to create a completely new experience. 
  • Make a good choice. We all have a choice.  We all have free will to lay on the couch, wallow and watch Netflix all day if that’s what we choose.  Or we can choose again.  There are always only two choices, Love or Fear.  When you choose love, you naturally raise your frequency to a higher vibration.  You can equally choose to get up, put on some high vibe music and head out the door for a walk, taking in nature, fresh air, and the beauty around you.  The same hour will pass, you choose what you do with it.


  • Journal to Joy – write it down. This creates accountability.  If you need a day to wallow, go for it, but then choose again.  By writing down your choices, day by day or hour by hour, you will see a pattern, you will recognize what reality and experience your daily choices are creating, and know this…you may always choose again!  Make it your goal to choose love more and more each day and to gently let fear slip away.


  • Embrace that you are love. Like attracts like and if you would rather be coupled rather than single, your vibration of love is the fastest path to this.  Sitting around and thinking about anything in lack creates more of that.  Imagine yourself with your love.  And while you are waiting for your person, focus energy and love on yourself.  There is enough to go around, so lavish love generously, on yourself, others, and finally, your person when they arrive.  Savor every moment of single knowing that what you seek is seeking you and you will find the one when you align and the timing is right. 


  • Make a list of loving things you can do for yourself and others. Random acts of kindness, day dates with yourself, high vibration triggers (music, walks, water, whatever raises your vibration) when your energy and mood are low, look at your list and pick something. 


  • Share this with a friend! We don’t think twice about getting a workout partner, what about someone to share and encourage your journey to joy?  Find someone you can call when thoughts are low vibe and you need a boost, someone to walk with, laugh with, and be the same for them.  A love/joy accountability partner to help you raise your vibe when needed. 

Intention is so powerful.  Wake up each morning and go to bed each night setting your intentions.  “My intention is to be love, to live my life in high vibration making a powerful impact on the world.  To laugh daily, live in the moment and savor every delicious second of my life.  To teach others about love by being a living example of love.  This is my intention.”

If you would like to learn more, join me Wednesday February 3, 2021 for 12 days of Love.  Together let's re-write your love story and create a strong foundation for finding forever love.   Register here...

From my heart to yours,

xx Trudy

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