I love helping people see love in a different light, this provides clarity and often a completely new approach to a relationship or their search for love. It’s transformative because once you see this, you will never again “do” love in the same way. It’s a clear, confident, peaceful approach to forever love.

There are several options for us to begin, whether we work together privately, in a group or if you become a member of the Academy, I know I can help. 
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Love Mastery Private Coaching Program - 6 Month - Prepaid

6 Months - private coaching with Trudy. You are extraordinary.  You expect the best and you are worth it.  You are done settling for less.  This is a 6-month commitment. A deep immersion into creating the life you've only ever dreamed of.  Your entire life.  Including love.   We work together for 6 months to create a powerful transformation, that lasts.   You may have tried coaching before, perhaps therapy, or purchased programs online.  I know, I've been there.  They may have helped, but before you knew it, you found yourself slipping back into old patterns, repeating history, again and again.  That is why we work together, side by side, for half a year.  It may seem like a long time.  But I assure you, you will begin to make changes as early as our first session together.  Over this course of time, I will coach, support, and encourage you through the ups and downs, because that's life, they will occur.  Just when you think you have it figured out, you find a person you think could be the one, they begin to pull away.  That's where our work comes in.  To navigate the unknown.  To face the fears and make the changes necessary to find life long, forever love.  To know your value, that you are worthy, and to raise the bar.   To begin, book a session with me. You talk, I listen. We create. Love is the answer. Together we will create a foundation for finding and experiencing forever love.  

$4,997.00 USD