Only Healthy Love Academy

Love...a subject that should be taught in school.  But it's not.  So how are we to know what we don't? 

Welcome, to the Only Healthy Love Academy.  A place to gather, share, learn, and experience all things love. 

What you get when you become a member...

Immediate full access to the private portal containing training in all things love.  

Love 101- What is love really?  Lessons here teach you what love is, and how to align with love and live a life anchored in love.  It's the basics, the foundation of the human experience and this will transform your relationship with love.

Unattached - Embracing Single -

Have you ever heard someone say, "I found love when I wasn't expecting it, I wasn't looking and suddenly he/she appeared?"  This is the idea behind Embracing Single.  Insights, lessons, and how to's on living your absolute best life and embrace being single.  Nothing is more attractive than a confident person living a happy, juicy life.  When you learn to embrace single, you have a strong foundation for finding and experiencing forever love.  

Unbroken - Life After Toxic Love - For years I said: "my picker is broke".  I was under the illusion that I couldn't find or attract healthy love to save my life.  I didn't see how I was creating all that I was experiencing.  I didn't know what I didn't know, and I went from one toxic relationship to another.  The same cycle repeated itself again and again until eventually, I stopped.  Enough was enough and I slowed down long enough to realize that I was the common denominator and that the decisions and choices I was making along with my mindset and beliefs created the perfect environment for toxic love.  I broke that cycle with a 4 step process and inside the academy, I show you how to do the same.

Finding Forever Love - You're ready.  You have done the work on yourself, you understand the human experience and you have a solid foundation.  Now, it's time for forever love.  Together we will work on energy, clarity, and alignment so that you attract and are attracted to Only Healthy Love.  This is where we re-write your love story and create your happily ever after.  

Love and Abundance - My favorite quote is "When the tide comes in, all the boats rise."  I'm not sure who originally said it but I know it to be true.  When we are clear, happy, consistent, joyful, high vibe and in alignment, ALL areas of life improve.  Not just our love lives.  Our health, our relationship with money, the opportunities, our relationships (romantic and otherwise,)  just keep getting better and better!  This is what the Ease of Abundance is all about and I teach you how to live in alignment and crate miracle moments again and again.  

Are you excited?  Hopeful?  Energized?

I hope so.

If you find yourself thinking "show me the love" then let's begin.  

New lessons and content weekly. 

Live Zoom training on various topics.  

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A 15% member discount on all of my private 1:1 coaching, group coaching programs, and online courses.

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xx Trudy 


Join Me for 12 Days of Love!


February is traditionally the "love" month.  Let's make it the best "love" month you've ever had!

Join me for 12 days of Love, together, we will change the way you think about love...forever.  Once you see this, you can't un-see it.  

Let's re-write your love story.