Why hire a coach?

If you are ready to heal your heart, let go of limiting beliefs, transform your relationship with love and find forever love, then welcome to your new life.

Seeking is the beginning of the healing journey.

My name is Trudy Stoner, I am a love and relationship coach. I am also a love advocate and educator.  My focus, passion, and calling is to teach the world about love, real love, not the imitation we've created in our minds.  We all have barriers keeping us from finding and experiencing love the way we are designed, created to.  I believe that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience.  Let that sink in.  Your true nature is love.  You are love. Once we understand that, nothing will ever be the same.  

I teach my clients a 4 step process and the foundation of the human experience based on the 3 principals of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought.  

We go deep, it is intense, it is transformational and it will change your life.  

Coaching is a commitment, you don't hire a coach to be your friend (although I suspect that will occur), you hire a coach to tell you the truth, hold your feet to the fire and help you discover who and what you really are.  You hire a coach to help you step into your greatness and release the fear and beliefs that until now, have been holding you back.  You must show up 100%, completely in and open, ready for the miracles that occur.  You can't buy a dumbell,  let it sit in a closet and expect to gain muscle.  You must do the work.  It is the same with coaching.  

If you are ready to break the cycle of toxic relationships, put back the pieces of a shattered heart and build the foundation for your happily ever after, let's begin.

You deserve Only Healthy Love.  You already have all the pieces, it's time to put your puzzle together.  

I'm glad you are here, let's get to work.

Book a discovery session with me, it's my gift to you. You are not alone, I can help.  

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