What is Love?

We hear this in songs, in movies and if you ask anyone who's ever been in a toxic relationship or had their heart broken they will most likely tell you they don't have a clue.  The truth is, very few of us really know...or at least we think we don't know.  Unless you are one of the fortunate few raised in a home where love was the rule and not the exception, by very enlightened parents, chances are you are confused about love yourself.  

When I ask clients or workshop participants what love is, I normally hear things like:

Kind, unselfish, forgiving, generous, thoughtful, patient.

Or actions, things people can do to show love:

Bringing flowers, giving a backrub, putting the kids to bed, telling the truth, being faithful.

Of course, all of these are true, but there is more...so much more.  

Ask yourself, in your relationships, is this how you've experienced or are experiencing love?  Chances are, if you are reading this, the answer is no.

We say we understand love, we know what it is, and yet we continue to show up in the most unloving ways imaginable with those, or the one we claim to love the most.

Why is that and what can we do about it?

It begins with deeper wisdom and knowing, a true understanding of what love really is what and who we really are, and how we can transform our lives by learning to live Anchored in Love. 

Because my darling, love is exactly what you are. 

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

Love is the highest vibration in the universe. 

We come from love and we return to love.  Pure energy.  Only we've forgotten and get lost in the thought that we must go outside of ourselves to find and experience love.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

You. Are. Love.  

And once you remember this, once you understand and begin living life as the loving being you are, everything changes.  EVERYTHING.  It's foundational, transformational and your path to Forever Love.  

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  

Visit the Your Forever tab at the top of the homepage for resources on finding your Forever Love.  

Or if you prefer, let's talk. I've created a special, introductory session, Love Talk with Trudy.  This is a 2-hour session that will transform your relationship with love.  Let's unpack what Only Healthy Love means to you.  This deep dive will illuminate your barriers and blocks keeping you from finding and attracting healthy love, and give you a path to follow, leading you to forever love.  If you are ready to begin, book your session now.  

Love Talk with Trudy





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