What if the only thing standing in between you and forever love... was you?

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Finding Forever Love

A roadmap for success in love. This video tells you exactly how to use the Academy to Find Forever Love and Re-Write your Love Story


When you master the art of Love, your life will never be the same.

What would your life look like if you became a master at love?

What if you took the time to lay the foundation for forever love. What if you could really, deeply, fall in love with you...first, and watch everything else fall into place?

What's Inside...


Lessons here teach you what love is and take a deep dive into perspective and understanding of love, the human experience, and human potential.

Love & Abundance

Energy. Thoughts. Manifestation. Flow. This is what the Ease of Abundance is all about and I teach you how to live in alignment and create miracle moments again and again.  

Embracing Single

Lessons, on living your absolute best life. Self-love and confidence. When you learn to embrace single, you have a foundation for finding forever love. 

Life After Toxic Love

While healing your heart, learn to break toxic cycles and remove the barriers holding you back from healthy love 

Finding Forever Love

How to live a life anchored in love and how love affects all areas of life.  How to find committed love and how to strengthen existing relationships.


I use this section to recommend books and other resources that I talk about inside the Academy. These books have been life-changing for me, and I hope they will be for you too.

Live Coaching

Live coaching, training, and Q & A each week via Zoom or in the private FB group.  A bonus also includes a private strategy session with Trudy.


Access to stand alone programs, Spiritual & Love Alchemy and my Epic Love Challenge along with a 1 hour private coaching session, Life Design workbook and custom planner are just some of the bonuses included with membership.

Join me for a peek inside!

Come with me and take a look inside, see what the fuss is about and what you gain access to as a member of the Only Healthy Love Academy!



Coaching - Community - Education - Support


Why Join Today? 

So you can have a totally different experience of love tomorrow.


You are hurting, or you have been hurt in the past, by love.

Frustrated and tired of ending up with the wrong person again and again.  

It feels like a hampster wheel and you want off.

You don’t trust others, and you don’t trust yourself.  You’re confused.

You think your picker is broke.

You wonder what you are doing wrong.

Sound right? Stay with me.

I know I can help.

I’m Trudy Stoner and I’m a Spiritual love coach and advocate for love.

What I’m about to share with you could change your life.

You are not alone.

There are a lot of people out there looking for love. But they are tired and frustrated and they really just want to find the right love.

You simply can't find healthy, forever love when your foundation is built on sand. 

When it comes to love, I believe that we are doing it wrong. And that’s why your foundation is not strong.

We don't know what we don't know and we've been taught that love is something that it's not.

We are operating behind the scenes from this point of view, from the stories that we formed as children about what love is.

Let’s fix that.

Together, we can rebuild your foundation, on solid ground, so you are ready for the love you seek.

The Only Healthy Love Academy is a place to learn about all things love. Where you can build a healthy, strong foundation based upon the truth about what Love really is.

I discovered that there are five main topics that come up in my coaching practice, over and over again.

Inside the academy, I will walk you through them all. Each one building upon the other...until you are ready, for forever love.

I would love to have you join forces with me as we lock arms and work together to create the love life of your dreams.

I’m here to powerfully serve and this is what you get when you become a member…

Immediate access to the Academy with online lessons and training to walk you through the process of healing and building the foundation for love.

The Only Healthy Love FB group - An online community created just for members of the academy, you can get to know each other, uplift, and support.
Together we grow.

Live bi-weekly training, coaching and Q&A with me on all things love.

In addition, you will get a 1-Hour coaching/strategy session with me ($222 value) - Together we will map out a strategy so that you get the most out of your membership and discover the fastest way to forever love for YOU.
This is not cookie-cutter, because you are not cookie cutter.

My strategy sessions sell for ($222 and up) but it is my gift to you with your membership.

You also get 15% off Coaching & all other programs and retreats I offer, just for being a member.

1:1 coaching is amazing, and it can get you results fast. But often, life gets in the way. Time, schedules, finances. The academy offers the solution to this.

Available to you 24/7 365 days a year.

All things love.

Access to me, your love coach. So you can get the answers you need.

I can’t wait to welcome you into the academy, to get to know you and to watch your love story unfold.

See you inside.

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Access to the Academy

Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Calls, Online Training & Q&A

Access to our private FB group

Private Coaching Session with Trudy to map out your love strategy. ($222 value)

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By taking advantage of the annual membership you receive 2 months free, that's a savings of $222!

Access to the Academy

Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Calls, Online Training & Q&A

Access to our private FB group

4 Private Coaching Sessions with Trudy, 1 each quarter of the year. ($222 value each)

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Take advantage of this option and get 1 month free!

Access to the Academy

Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Calls, Online Training & Q&A

Access to our private FB group

2 Private Coaching Sessions with Trudy to map out your love strategy. ($222 value each)

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"So thankful for Trudy Stoner and Only Healthy Love Academy. I have my forever partner and love but we have developed some unhealthy patterns that I didn’t even realize. Now I have the education and support for changing those patterns. I also am able to identify some of my triggers from past negative relationships that impact me now. The love and support in the founders group is a blessing in my life and I am only getting started. Looking forward to continuing to grow and sharing love."


"I am grateful to Trudy for being an amazing coach. She speaks from the heart and is super understanding of every situation. Her energy is light, pure, and transparent... it’s refreshing."


"Trudy heals hearts and prepares them for love. Her heartfelt guidance and intuition have been the cause of several key breakthroughs for me personally, and I’ve witnessed them with other members of our group, as well. "


"“Trudy is a very insightful and brilliant coach. Her message of love is so powerful. Trudy presents tremendous knowledge around her craft and is quickly able to support her clients in gaining strength to arrive at their own answers. I highly recommend her and look forward to continuing to work with her in the coming year!”"


My Mission

Changing the world... One heart at a time.


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