May 17, 2022

Last night I had a dream. I was in a room full of people, a conference perhaps? I was with friends, a group of about 10, some couples, some singles, men and women.

We were asked to strip down naked and stand before the room.

The audience was instructed to look and to only give positive, encouraging feedback. No criticism, no advice, no judgment, just kind, loving words of affirmation.

Oddly, I was ok with this. Awkward as it felt, and as afraid as I was, there was a sense of acceptance that I desired more than the perceived safety of not doing it, of not allowing myself to be seen.

Truth is, not one of those bodies was perfect, none of us were 22 anymore.

One by one we all removed our clothing and slowly moved individually to the front of the room. The fear was palpable. Each person ready for an onslaught of judgment, ready to be laughed at, criticized, made fun of.

I decided to embrace the opportunity to stand before all, naked, exposed, vulnerable, and real. A deep knowing settled in reminding me that I was ok. Regardless of what happened out there, in that audience, inside, I was safe.

I took to the stage, instinctively wanting to cover up and hide. To run behind the curtain. But something kept me there, my feet firmly planted on the stage, ready, finally, to be seen.

A deep breath helped to remind me that my experience exists in my thoughts and I had a choice with those. Would I choose fear when I could choose love? So often I do. Not tonight, tonight I chose love and I began to receive.


From each person standing in the crowd, observing me. Looking at all that I see to be wrong and instead, finding beauty, and speaking it out loud.

Upon waking I spent the morning reflecting on this dream and the many places in life I cover-up to protect myself from the fear of judgment, rejection, and unkind words. Today, I let that go. I take to the stage and allow myself to be seen.


My work, my blog, my book, about it all.

Resilience, betrayal, choices, grief, love, relationships, loss, dating, weight, health… About. It. All.

It is my hope that by taking to the stage, naked and vulnerable, I will help you to do the same.

I see you. 

You are beautiful.

You are love. 

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