How did I get here?

Feb 19, 2022

A love coach? My mind kicked into high gear at the mention of this.

I was sitting with my first-ever coach. She asked me to tell her about me.

My life, my journey.

At the time, I’d been coaching beauty professionals on the business side of the industry. I had a coaching center. I had 4 daughters I was raising as a single mom.

But I didn’t talk about that.

Instead, I heard myself telling her about my love life. My history. Times my heart was broken and how I had been betrayed, how my last marriage was toxic and I didn’t know how this had happened to me again.

I talked about being single, wanting forever love, needing forever love.

It was all about love.

Every. Single. Word.

She was not a love coach. She was a business coach.

She was kind, she had compassion. AND she told me that I needed to switch gears and coach about love.

Excuse me?

I had just told her about my failures in love. How did she expect me to coach about love?

Then, she said something then that I will always remember…

“I don’t want a coach that has never suffered heart break, been betrayed, or dealt with the anguish of divorce. I want a coach who’s walked through the fire, and figured it out.” “I want that coach.”  

That moment changed my life.

At that moment, I made a choice, a decision to create the love life I wanted. To BE the love life I desired. At that moment, I decided to fall in love with myself and to let the rest fall into place.

And it did.

I now live a life full of love and abundance. I travel, I have a business I love, I take care of myself, mind, body, and soul.

I make decisions from a place of Love.

I let go of fear.

I live in the now. I cherish the now.


And now, I am here to help you. Do you need help with love? With life?

Join me, along with experts in the fields of love, thought, movement, female embodiment, meditation, sensuality, sexuality, sound healing, soul work and many more topics chosen to set you free.  Free to create the life you desire. Free to BE.

Authentically You.


We begin 2-22-22.

Doors are open now will you join us inside Uncaged Woman?

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Come join the sisterhood. It will be the most incredible decision you've made this year. At the end of 12 weeks, you won't be the same.

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