Happy Birthday Baby

Uncategorized May 31, 2021

65. On you, 60 was the new 40. I've never met someone that looked so much younger than they were, with such a beautiful, fun, youthful heart. 

You made life fun. The adventures we shared in 2 short years were amazing.

San Diego, Cabo, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, Tahoe, Galveston Island, Denver, Vale, Bolder, Dallas, Texoma, Nebraska. I am more than grateful we didn't waste a moment.

You never failed to make me laugh, sometimes so hard I cried, always so hard it hurt my sides.

Our adventures included my family, your family, friends. So many beautiful, fun memories. 

I was blessed to know you, to be loved by you to enjoy life with you.

Today is your birthday, and you are celebrating it in heaven. I NEVER thought I'd write these words. You are missed, deeply. And those of us who are left behind... we celebrate your life, and our time with you. 

Happy Birthday, babe.

Today I look at pictures, tell stories, cry tears of joy and pain, drink a shot of tequila, and miss you, every moment wishing you were here. 

I will never forget and will forever be grateful for my time with you.

Until we meet and celebrate together again. 


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