Nov 24, 2022

A day of Thanksgiving.

A year of Gratitude.

A state of Being.

We have our journals, we stop, reflect, and embrace it in times of trouble, but what if gratitude became part of our day-to-day, moment-to-moment experience of life?

What if, like Love, instead of something we do, it becomes something we are? A state of being? More than a mood in a moment, a state of grace.

For one day, practice giving thanks for it all.

And by all, I mean ALL.

This can be a tall order. As humans, we tend to give thanks for the things that we are, well, thankful for, the good stuff. But what about everything else?

Am I supposed to be grateful for the stuff I don’t want?

In a word, yes.

Living in a state of Gratitude, and/or a state of Love means being grateful for, and loving all that is.

Practice being in the Now.

Move through your day with purpose, fully present, and fully grateful for whatever it is you are experiencing and doing, right now.

Allow the moments to continue, remain focused and present. Before you know it, you will realize it has been a day, then a week then a month… it will naturally become a habit, a state of Being, and watch your life change.

Wishing you miracle moments of Now.

In Love,

xx Trudy

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