Grief's Invitation

Jul 25, 2021

Talking to the moon, trying to get to you… in hopes you’re on the other side, talking to me too…

These are the lyrics to a beautiful song I heard for the first time yesterday. It is called “Talking to the Moon” listen when you can.

Grief lingers, it is not a once and done, and yet, through it all, there is beauty from the ashes. Freedom through the pain.

When we lose someone close to us, there can be a sense of loss so deep we wonder if we will survive. How many times have I called into the night, please help me. Tell me what to do.

Innately well and completely love, we know what to do. The answers we seek are a part of us, even when they aren’t easily found.

Grief ripped me open, my heart, raw and exposed, vulnerable to the world, AND, stronger than ever before.

Grief is teaching me how to love, how to LIVE. Grief has shifted my perspective and allowed me to release the driving force of fear that stood center stage for most my life.

Death - the thing I feared the most. This is my biggest AHA… there is no death. Simply transition. A change in form. We are energy. How many times have you heard me say that? I guarantee that if one of my kids is reading this, they are rolling their eyes. I say it all the time. WE ARE ENERGY. And that energy (spirit) manifests into human form for this experience of life. Once we are done, we return to that same source energy, without the physical form. Those we have lost are still here…

They are here, there and everywhere. This understanding removed all fear of this transition we call death.

Life – This is the big one. Do you realize how many of us are afraid to LIVE?

The “What if” list is long.

What if… fill in the blank with everything you have ever feared in this lifetime.

How long is your list?

I invite you to create a new list, a freedom list. One that assumes a new belief. Based upon a new question…

“What if” it all works out… perfectly?

What if everything is a gift? 

Even loss.

Even grief.

Even pain.

What if the lesson is to let go, surrender, allow? 

Simply BE?

In this moment, in the now.

The past – it exists in only one place, your mind.

The future – it also only exists in your mind.

Both are illusions. We are making them up.

Have you ever shared a memory and someone else who was there, remembers it completely different? Our illusions are individual and unique, only ours. They may have similarities, but by the very nature of thought, no two will ever be the same.

So, if the future is not real, if we are making it up, why do we choose to scare ourselves so much?

Baby, you were taught this way. By (hopefully) well-meaning adults and society. “Don’t get too excited, don’t get your hopes up, if it’s too good to be true.”

Let us break free.

Together, let’s walk bravely, boldly, into the now, one moment at a time.

Let your freedom list (aka bucket list but much more fun and expansive) reflect your love for life, not your fear.

Set yourself free.

Grief can be a gift.

It has taught me to LIVE.

It is teaching me to LOVE.

And to  LIVE LOVE.

Each moment.

One at a time.

For grief or love support, I invite you to reach out. You can book a session with me at

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