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2022 Just for YOU! I've put together a bundle of all the training I am offering for 2022. This is for you. Special pricing, year round coaching. Watch the video below. No long sales letter. A 30 second video. If it resonates, join me. If you have questions? Book a call, ask me. Simple. Clear. Committed. Let's Go.


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You're clear. Your committed. But you don't know how. That's where I come in. Ala Carte, the programs in this bundle add up to $6500. Right now, you can get them for over half off. And there is even an easy payment plan. Don't wait. Make 2022 your year.










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Soul -Centered Connection...

What's your love story... is it everything you've hoped for? 

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It's never too late, I invite you join me inside the Only Healthy Love Academy today. With my signature process I will show you how to Find Forever Love & Take Soulmate to a whole new level

Heartbreak does not define you. You are strong, resilient, intelligent, and kind. You are ready... you've had enough. No more toxic dysfunction, no more bullshit, no more heartache. It's time for love, real love, strong love, healthy love. It's your time. It's your turn. I help heal broken hearts, break toxic cycles, and build the foundation for forever love.

Only Healthy Love Academy

Love...a subject that should be taught in school.  But it's not.  So how are we to know what we don't? 

Welcome, to the Only Healthy Love Academy.  A place to gather, share, learn, and experience all things love. 


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"Working with Trudy has been truly inspiring. She is great at listening and always made me feel heard. She has a very kind approach but was also able to challenge me in a way that made me see things from a different perspective and I always felt encouraged and uplifted. As a result of this I came to a place where I truly believed that I can create the life that I want and that I’m worthy and deserving of that. Every day I get to makes the choices that keep me on the path of “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be”. Trudy’s words of assurance helped me achieve the inner peace I now feel daily. It’s a beautiful thing to just be! "


"I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with Trudy. She has a very compassionate, warm, non-judgemental energy. Her listening skills are superlative. She’s able to hone in on what you are in need of coaching to process and resolve. Her wisdom, insight and loving approach are very comforting and uplifting. She allows you to have the benefit of her discernment and at the same time encourages you to choose what is in your best and highest good. I absolutely love working with her and I am so grateful that she is in my life. I consider her not only a coach but a friend. "

Wisconsin USA

"I heard of Trudy’s “Life After Toxic Love” course through a friend and I was In dire need of an uplifting and positive change in my life. I was in a very unhealthy relationship and wanted that to change. Working with Trudy was very uplifting and empowering. She showed me every angle of the situation, things that I never saw. The biggest lesson that I took from Trudy’s class was creating healthy boundaries with people and learning to love myself first before giving myself to another. I highly recommend a program with Trudy. "

California USA

"Working with Trudy has been a fantastic and insightful experience! I felt comfortable and truly heard. Working with her made me learn and realize how to be comfortable in my own skin. I learned how to listen to, and trust my intuition, which was the biggest aspect for me! Once I learned this key fact about myself, my life was transformed from then on. I'm in a better place today than I ever was. I whole-heartedly enjoyed working with Trudy and gained a true friendship."

California, USA

"Working with Trudy was awesome! She is kind and compassionate and has a lot of ideas and tools that she shares. Trudy understands the challenges and barriers we go through in our pursuit of love. She holds you accountable and celebrates your successes. I felt supported and encouraged to stay true to what I want and who I want to be. She inspired me to keep my bar high!"

California, USA

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February is traditionally the "love" month.  Let's make it the best "love" month you've ever had!

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